Mobile Internet shopping payment has been fully integrated into our life. Now we can walk around the world with only a mobile phone when we go out, and the premise of online payment requires a QR code. Now QR code can be seen everywhere in our life. It is not only used for shopping payment, but also used on many products to record all kinds of product information, which can also play a good role in anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting Tracing function, control the flow direction of products and prevent fleeing goods.

Nowadays, many manufacturing industries are establishing their own product traceability and sales management systems. Because the traditional ink-jet, silk screen printing and other methods can not meet the market demand, the market demand of QR code laser marking machine is increasing day by day. The emergence of QR code laser marking machine has brought better experience and convenience to our life.

Laser marking machine also has a larger application group, that is, 3C electronic field. Nowadays, people need not only performance but also exquisite and beautiful appearance to buy goods. The competition in today’s smart phone market is very fierce. If they can’t meet the requirements of customers, they can’t survive. Therefore, the quality control of mobile phones is very strict. From small electronic components to the shell of mobile phones, they will be identified by laser marking machine to generate traceability code.

The laser marking machine adopts non-contact processing, so it will not cause mechanical deformation or other damage to the products. It is basically free of consumables, and does not need mold and computer software control. It is simple, convenient and easy to operate. Moreover, the laser marking machine is an environment-friendly equipment without pollution and noise. The pictures and texts marked are exquisite, beautiful and permanent.

A small two-dimensional code can carry a large amount of information and is the basis of product traceability. No product has its own two-dimensional code. Just like people’s ID card, there is only one two-dimensional code per person, and so is the two-dimensional code. This can effectively prevent counterfeiting, fleeing goods, inventory and other problems. The laser marking function can realize assembly line production. With fast marking speed and high efficiency, it is the best choice for today’s manufacturing and processing industry.