In our real life, almost every household has hardware products. Hardware products are tools closely related to our life. Maybe we haven’t noticed it in the process of use. In most hardware products, there are traces of optical fiber laser marking process

A qualified hardware product needs to be marked before leaving the factory, including product serial number, anti-counterfeiting logo, company logo and other key information, so as to facilitate product management and brand publicity. To complete these metal marking work, it depends on the optical fiber laser marking machine, especially on the mass production line. The optical fiber laser marking machine can realize mass assembly line production and one-time molding, No secondary processing is required

In the marking process application of hardware products, the optical fiber laser marking machine has the advantages of safe and environmental protection, fast marking speed, low energy consumption and low operation cost. It can mark metal materials such as copper, stainless steel and alumina, as well as most plastic materials. It is suitable for all kinds of hardware products such as pliers, hammers and wrenches

The operation of the optical fiber laser marking machine is simple and easy to learn. The operator only needs to control the computer software to drive the marking machine, and then the graphics, characters, logo, anti-counterfeiting logo and other information can be clearly engraved on the surface of various hardware products through the high-energy laser beam of the optical fiber laser marking machine. The marking effect is long-lasting, exquisite, fine and clear. Small tools are also of great use, Laser marking helps hardware products become a good helper at home

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