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Why upgrade to Thunder Laser?

1. Why need a larger machine: When the productivity of the machine can’t keep up with demand to catch up the orders, or the bedsize start to limited the new design and projects. It’s time to upgrade a much more capable machine.
2. The limitation of the GF:
Pros: An excellent plug and play laser machine for entry level, the size of the machine is great for small workspace and indoor use.
Cons: Limit by the size of the work area and power of the laser tube, it makes machine like Glowforge can only be used for small amount of production activities, like personal or studio use

Boost Productivity

Overall, the benefits on upgrade to a Thunder Laser represent on the speed, power, ability to do tumblers and other things on the rotary, bed space, not having to wait for the mothership to process your file and send it to your laser.

01   Performance

The principal consideration of boosting your business and orders is cost less time but with more outcomes. We provide laser machine from 60 watt to 130 watt, with larger work area and more power, allow user to engrave deeper, cut through thicker material and a 3 times faster processing speed.


High Speed
High power

02   Large Working Space

It is a versatile laser machine to fulfill any productive requirement. Pass through function is necessary, enable to cut or engrave project larger than your machine within one step, like large decor. Support additional attachment like rotary and camera, able handle a wide variety of projects.

Pass through function
Rotary Attachment

03  Optimization

Extremely reliable and high quality laser system,with zero hidden issues or cheap components.

Modular systems and use ‘off the shelf’ components that are easy swaps,all wiring and systems are marked and documented.It is easy to handle any issue just need to follow the guide with customer support or our online knowledge base.

Motorized table
Personalized upgrade

5 Reason Upgrade to a Nova

Learn how people can benefit from upgrading their Glowforge to Thunder Nova. Thunder Laser can help you improve operating experience, increase productivity, and overall efficiency.

Main Advantage:
  • Service/Repair: Self-replaceable component

  • Higher Power: Faster & Thicker

  • Software: Directly Connect to the Machine
  • Size: 2-3 times Larger Working Space
  • Speed: 3 times Faster

See What Our Clients Say

Thunder Laser is your premier source for amazing laser machines including laser engravers, laser cutting, and laser marking machines. We have been innovating and improving our laser machines since 2010 and we combine incredible value with amazing customer support.
josie Ladndon
josie Ladndon
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So far, Thunder has been great to work with. I set up a call to ask many questions, and Courtney was s0 helpful in choosing the machine that was right for me. Getting the quote and paying for my machin was easy. Now to wait until early August for the arrival of my Thunder Nova 51!
Erica h
Erica h
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I would give Rebecca 10 stars,ifl could. Her responses to inquires are always prompt and courteous. I know Thunder Support is swamped these days, but Rebecca always replies with a warm attitude and kind spirit. Thank you for your dedication to the Thunder Family.
Nathan Ehni
Nathan Ehni
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Thunder laser has been great to work with so far. Cheyenne answered all of my questions as they have come up before I put in my order. I am excited to receive my machine in the next couple of months!


I went from the Glowforge to thunder nova51/100. Haven’t turned my Glowforge on since! No issues cutting through wood. Well, except for user error  Also haven’t used any masking! Night and day difference!

I was scared about it initially, but it’s super easy and incredibly accurate. And so, so fast compared to GF. A sign that would take me 40 minutes to cut on GF takes about 4.5 minutes including the lining up process

My experience from the first inquiry to present day has been nothing less than stellar with this company. Emails and social media inquiries as well as phone calls have been answered in a very short time. A frantic call to them on a Sunday afternoon was returned within minutes. Wow. Each and every person we have been in touch with both here and overseas, has provided exceptional customer service, information, tutorials and troubleshooting options.

Just got my Thunder after a Gloforge and there is no comparison. The GF was super plug and play which was nice, but honestly the Thunder is super easy to use. Not to mention a gazillion times more accurate, faster, more reliable, and more flexible on what you can make/do

I’m on week one of transitioning from a Pro to a 35-100. The difference is amazing! I’m not going to bad mouth GF, because it did help me get my business on the map in my area, but this Thunder is phenomenal. I definitely had some moments of I can’t do this when setting it up, BUT I kept reminding myself I couldn’t work the GF at the beginning either. Customer service has been amazing!

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